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How Efficient Tradie will help you sort out your bookkeeping and get your business back on track

At Efficient Tradie we specialize in working with Tradie's just like you. We know it can be a tough game with long hours and lots of paperwork, that is why we make it simple for you. We love easy to use technology to make your bookkeeping a breeze.

Step 1

Click the link below and book a time for a phone chat where Katie will ask a bunch of questions to find out how she can help you best.

Step 2

Katie will talk you through the recommendations she has made and explain to you exactly how these suggestions will save you time and keep you compliant with the ATO.

Step 3

Let's get started!

This is where we get stuck into getting you and your bookkeeping sorted out once and for all. This is where Katie does most of the heavy lifting and works her magic to make your life easier.

About Me

Most Tradie owners excel at their craft but struggle with the numbers side of their business. It causes stress not only for them, their business, but also their families.

Katie know because she's been around tradies her whole life. Her father was a Tradie, her husband is a Tradie, and now she runs a financial coaching business that works exclusively with tradies.

She wrote the book Profit First for Tradies to help more business owners eliminate their cash flow problems, and become permanently profitable.

Katie's on a mission to help tradies across Australia and the globe get control of their finances so they can run a profitable, stable businesses doing work that they love.

How Katie Will

Help You and

Your Business . . .

Firstly, we will make your bookkeeping simple. We break it down into small simple steps and Katie will work with you through every stage. We will find the best technology solutions for you and your business.

We will get them set up and ready for you to use and we will also teach you what you need to do to help along the way.

Don't leave it any longer, don't wait till tomorrow, next week, or 'later', book your free 15 minute discovery session NOW.

It is your first step to getting your bookkeeping sorted once and for all!

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